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Dan Barber


Dan's older brother introduced him to unicycling at the early age of 12. He then fell in love with the circus arts with a focus on juggling. Later as a teenager Dan felt a sense of urgency to make the world a better place. This led him to spend many years over seas working to alleviate poverty in Bolivia, Kenya, Uganda, Mexico, Haiti, and Indonesia. He became multilingual with a focus on Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole.


Upon returning, he focused on a minimalist lifestyle, allowing him the time to train and pursue a career in performance arts. At the age of 25, he met a unicyclist who introduced him to balloon twisting. He excelled at speed-twisting while still creating intricate designs. Throughout the years he combined unicycling, juggling, magic, and balancing acts with balloon twisting. After gaining years of performance experience, he began collaborating with multiple performers. This included anything from back-yard birthday parties to full-stage productions, showcasing a wide variety of talents.


In 2021 Dan and Tabitha started performing together in shows. They found that their skills complemented each other. Over the course of the next year, Dan taught Tabitha juggling and unicycling while Tabitha taught Dan how to incorporate fire into his skill-sets. Meanwhile another fire grew between them. They married in March of 2023 and can now be seen riding unicycles through their neighborhood at midnight and practicing fire juggling in their backyard, much to the delight of the campers on the mountain behind their home. And always they continue to create new, innovative acts that combine their disciplines through SpinElements Entertainment.

Tabitha Kelley

Tabitha's father bought her a juggling set when she was in middle school. This finally gave her a chance to get out of that vicious, violent, terrible "game" known as dodgeball. Teachers considered putting her back in gym class, but then recognized her healthy passion that would change the course of her life. Juggling videos inspired her to pick up hula hooping and those videos inspired her to pick up poi and

many other flow props. These became her new passion.

After about five years she started adding fire to her props with the influence of one of the best in the business, Tricia Murti. This led to the start of her performance career, collaborating with multiple entertainers. This molded her into a multi-faceted performer in stilt-walking, fire and LED acts. Over the course of 10 years, this gained her a unique perspective of the entertainment industry and a recognition of the best in the field.

Her training and experience enabled her to develop shows and performances featuring her one of a kind choreography, imaginative costuming, and the beautiful fire elements that SpinElements is known for. During this process she met Kendra, a fellow fire performer, who quickly became an essential partner and friend, and who added her own unique style and excitement to the mix that is SpinElements. In 2021

Tabitha started performing with Dan, who brought a very different, but complimentary, skill-set with him. Their styles meshed well, both on and off stage, and in 2023 Dan and Tabitha were married. Now Tabitha is riding around on a unicycle and Dan is juggling fire, and it works for both of them. With the addition of Dan, the essential three was complete and the partnership and personal relationships between the SpinElement performers allows them to keep their shows fun, exciting, and innovative. This combination of the three performers, with three individual specialties is what makes SpinElements one of a kind. They have learned from and taught each other, and the result of that is what makes a SpinElements show a unique, exciting, and entertaining experience.

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