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Show Options

Image by Alexander Ant
Image by Jason Leung

Bring the heat and ignite your event with SpinElements. With over a decade of professional experience based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our acts go above and beyond the expected. We invest in cutting edge props and effects to immerse the audience in a mind-bending environment. We truly aim to provide an amount of excitement you won't find anywhere else. 

This gives us full range to contrast the elegance of LED and the energy of fire with our favorite tricks from both worlds. We love to artistically integrate the two which enables us to provide an even fuller show.

Fire & Ice

Main-Stage Fire & Ice Show 

  3 Performers / 25 Minutes
This is by far the most packed and exhilarating show. Having three performers provides an exceptional fire & Ice experience! 

2 Performers / 20 Minutes
Your guests will enjoy two contrasting styles and props by having two performers. 
1  Performer & 1 safety assistant / 10 Minutes
One performer will bring an exciting and memorable experience for your guests. 


LED Show

Using state-of-the-art LED props performers create beautiful, eye-catching light patterns that will dazzle your audience. This visually stunning show will add a futuristic element to your event. 

Main-Stage LED Show 

  3 Performers / 20 Minutes
This is by far the most packed and exhilarating show. Having three performers provides an exceptional LED experience!

2 Performers / 15 Minutes
Your guests will enjoy two contrasting styles and props by having two performers. 

1 Performer / 10 Minutes
One performer will bring an exciting and memorable experience for your guests. 

Variety Show

These acts span the gamut of balance, comedy, prop manipulation, and unicycling, weaving together an unforgettable tapestry of entertainment. Crafted with the intention to captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds, this show promises a mesmerizing experience.

Main-Stage Variety Show 

 2 Performers / 20 Minutes


Backyard Events

Enhance your backyard event with the ideal hour-long entertainment solution! Choose from our selection of three captivating shows mentioned above. Our performance strategy involves skillfully choreographed "mini-shows" lasting 3-5 minutes each, spaced at 10-minute intervals. This innovative approach ensures a continuous flow of engaging entertainment, seamlessly integrated into your event's schedule.


                      $800 / 3 Performers 
 / 2 Performers          
 / 1 Performer  

                     $650 / 3 Performers
                      $450 / 2 Performers                                 
 / 1 Performer  

                      $500 / 2 Performers                                              




Our comprehensive insurance coverage extends to the venue, offering protection of up to $1 million per incident and a $2,000 General Aggregate. To ensure the utmost safety, an on-site safety assistant is present during every show, dedicated to maintaining the well-being of performers, audience members, and the venue itself. Our unwavering dedication to safety has resulted in an impeccable history of zero insurance claims.

What we need

For optimal performance involving 2 or more participants, we suggest a level space measuring 15' x 15' with a clearance height of 12'. To ensure seamless preparation for your event, providing us with a photograph of your designated performance area is an ideal approach, enabling us to assess the space in advance.

Indoor fire performances, while popular, may necessitate adherence to more stringent guidelines. We encourage you to get in touch with us to initiate a discussion about the available options, tailoring them to suit your specific needs.

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